I do not have a lot of interesting things to say, 
but I figured this blog will keep all those crazy thoughts in my head straight. 


You can call me Nira /nay-ra/.
I am 20-something, born and raised in the Philippines.
Studied Advertising at an exclusive school for women in Manila and currently,
I am working my life away from this crazy city.
I got so much love for dogs. Always have been, always will be. 
I am short in height and a sucker for singing even in showers.

I started a blog to cap off inactivity and make sense of everything that fascinates me.
Ever since, I am armed with a big heart for words and photographs.
I enjoy writing, taking silly shots, and everything that includes being artsy
(even when I’m not fairly good at it).

You got it, I am no way a professional. 

niraballena.com hopes to touch your minds, relate with, and inspire you in any way. 
Let me know if there is something that I need to build up, I'll always be open. 

This is my little pocket of the world wide web.
You are free to love, hate, and enjoy.



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