April 12, 2020 Manila, Philippines


This is the thing I hate about hiatuses – it’s an enemy that’s so difficult to recover from.

You might've noticed I took a break from blogging for TWO LONG YEARS… can you believe it??

I have one terrific reason: LIFE CAUGHT UP. And that’s the thing about life – it catches up with all of us. If we’re not careful, we can easily get out of the zone. I got distracted by personal responsibilities and work arrangements that blogging became less of a priority. I felt like I needed to give myself time to find balance, overcome my creative block, and deal with more important things.


Creativity and inspiration cannot be forced
I know for a fact that I cannot do my best work when I’m uninspired. I would rather pause, reflect, and focus on other things than to simply put something out for the heck of it. The reason, I think, is pretty simple: If you feel forced to do something, the results are always lesser than if it were to come naturally. It all becomes a chore. Sometimes you have to take a step away from things to refocus and approach it at a different angle.

Momentum is important
I can tell you from firsthand experience that blogging momentum is a real thing. I liken it to going to the gym regularly; once you get into the groove, you feel great, and it’s just easy to keep going. But once you stop, it’s difficult to get back in the saddle. Looking back at my old (now unpublished) blog, I felt that I was getting into a nice rhythm at around my first-year mark. I wrote 30+ articles in 2015, which is the most I’ve ever posted. 12 posts in 2016 and 3 posts in 2017. Momentum effectively killed. Blogging mojo gone. I remember trying to work on a few posts during that time period, but I just couldn’t get started again.

Everyone doesn’t need to know everything
I am allowing my social media to be an authentic view of both the good and bad of my life, but not everything needs to be posted. Some things will remain just for myself and my dogs. In the same way I can keep up with people. I will not apologize if I don’t know what's in everyone’s feed. I have boundaries on my social media time, I will miss some things, and that's entirely ok. No FOMO. I will look forward to interacting with people as the opportunity presents itself.

You need to get back to the heart and soul of your work
One thing that really drained me was thinking how to generate high readership for this blog. I was always concerned about the result and I practically forgot that I loved photography and writing. During my hiatus, I learned that chasing the results will rarely ever result in you getting them. And this is a lesson I managed to gather from not doing the work. I gathered inspiration elsewhere instead. The chase for things and results usually make for a tiring life. It’s best to simply remember why you do what you do and do all for the love of it.

So here I am.. trying to find balance and taking it easy.

I am starting anew with this blog.
No pressure.
No promise.

Only inspiration.

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