May 18, 2017 Metro Manila, Philippines


As you may not know, I am now working as a freelance Social Media Manager for my own clients locally and internationally. It was early this year when I decided to accept the inherent “risk” of freelancing. I completely had no idea how it works back then.

I worked my way into digital and social media marketing in an advertising agency for the past three years. My job came with paid vacation leaves, health care benefits, and other fun freebies/trips/parties every year. I loved my colleagues, the mentorship I receive from my bosses, and the endless brainstorming sessions that made us pitch winning ideas for our clients. 

Each passing day at work went fulfilling.

But there will come a point where you’d step back and ponder how life has been. I wondered if this was the kind of life that I'd like to live in for the next few years – should I really have to be in an office 9 hours every weekday, spend insanely long hours commuting, come home all burnt out, prepare dinner (or often skip it), feed my dogs, and work my way through the piles of mess I left in the morning? I don’t think so. I realized I can spend so much of my time with something that's more meaningful - upskill, find a new hobby, go to the gym, travel more... name it!

To tell you honestly, I had a very, very difficult time. Choosing freelancing over a day job wasn’t a rushed decision. Back then, I was already at the verge of making a name for myself in this highly-competitive but rewarding industry. Then on a spur of moment, I felt the need to weigh in my ambitions. There's been a lot of things running in my mind and I wanted to make sure I live with them. It pains a bit that I needed to back out, but at the top of my mind, I already knew what I wanted to do.

So here I am, 3 months after I started, feeling like a legit girl boss! I am overwhelmed yet grateful by the amount of long-term projects and awesome clients that I get to work with. Alongside, I’ve been attending several courses & workshops, reviewing for certifications, going to the gym, and traveling as my usual prize. And with the work I have already scheduled, the next few years look even better!

It’s not always simple though, there are ups and downs and things I know I could do better. Times would suck when you think about how you often have to work from home, don’t have colleagues anymore, and in charge of plainly everything. Being a freelancer is being in a one-man band and it takes a great deal of motivation to accomplish things on your own.

Still, the payoff is a job that makes you do ALL that you love. Once you have it, it only takes a little more effort to figure out everything else. I remember a quote that says, “If you can’t find a perfect job, CREATE it.” 

I hope I’ll be in for the long haul, though. Let’s see.   

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