April 11, 2017 San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines


Dubbed as the “City of Seven Lakes”, Laguna is such a treasure trove! 
I didn’t know it could be a beautiful respite that's just near Manila.

We took a 10-minute trek to visit the smallest lake among the famous seven, Pandin Lake
Small as it is, it is never short of wonderful. It’s known to be the cleanest and the most stunning per the locals.

The lake is so huge and green, with reflections of the surrounding palm trees. There is no entrance fee to the place, only fees for tour arrangements. The bamboo raft tour lasts for about 2 hours - depending on the amount of tourists flocking the place. 

We rented a big bamboo raft with food package at P360 pesos per person. They serve Pako Salad topped with tomato and salted egg, grilled Tilapia, flat shrimp cakes (Okoy), and bananas for dessert. 
If you wish to add more, you can pay an additional P20 per person for a grilled pork.

Aboard the raft, you’ll be served the delicious lunch while fishermen or their wives paddle and use a rope to get you moving towards the other side of the lake.

You can swim in its waters, but wearing a life vest is mandatory. 
Pandin Lake is as deep as its mysteries––at 180 feet according to the locals.

If you’re planning to go (especially on weekends), I suggest contacting them in advance to reserve. 
You may contact Ate Tina (09079952983) or Ate Siony (09299789565) to make early arrangements.

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