June 16, 2016 Nami Island


By far one of the most romantic places I’ve ever had the chance to explore and experience–Nami Island is such a breath of fresh air.

The trip to the island via a private bus took more than two hours from Incheon International Airport. We made our way straight after a red-eye flight without a wink of deep sleep and bladder-breaks.

Once there, you’d have to take a 10-minute ferry ride to reach the island. Visa fee in KRW is at 8,000. Another option is via the Zip-wire for KRW 38,000–already inclusive of the entrance fee.

You’ve probably heard of this place. Nami Island was made popular by the Korean drama “Winter Sonata” and typically welcomes hordes of visitors–foreign and local alike. So much has been said about it but akin to its popularity, the unspoken charm and beauty remain underrated.

Obviously, we spent most of our time taking photos. The entire area was photogenic in every angle, enough to offer nice spots unoccupied by tourists.

I have no idea how it looks in other seasons, but Spring in Nami almost made me want to live there forever. It’s so serene and magical that I couldn’t help imagine if there’s any season besides Spring that would make it look more beautiful than what it is.

It’s gonna be autumn in Korea in three months, and I’d give anything to be back in Nami Island. 
Wishing I could hop on a plane, bring Jerrell along, and be back in South Korea in an instant to see all of these again.

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