June 28, 2016 Namsan Mountain


If you’ve travelled to certain cities around the world, it’s a sure bet that you’ve seen this romantic gesture of leaving padlocks on bridges and iron fences. Young and old lovers engrave their names onto a padlock and fasten their relationship's unbreakable bond. South Korea, Seoul particularly, made its way to have this practice, too.

Located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul is N Seoul Tower. You’d perch atop an observation deck overlooking a 360 view of Seoul. On the tower grounds you'll find what they call “The Locks of Love”. There are thousands of colorful padlocks––inscribed by pen, some with pictures, doodles, and stickers.

In case you’re wondering, the entrance fee is at KRW 10,000 for adults and KRW 8,000 for the children and elderly.

Have you been to N Seoul Tower and Locks of Love as well?
Tell me about your experience!

 *Price reflected is as of June 2016



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