May 30, 2016 Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines


Hello! I've not been on this in ages! 😱

The full force of my work shift, freelance projects, packed weekends, and out-of-town/country trips has been hitting me all at once. Thank heavens I'm slowly getting into that steady groove! For now, allow me to make it up to you with my bajillion posts on queue.

First off, Sagada. Hmm, quite touristic.

My idea of a perfect morning would be in a cold place, at 9 a.m., drinking my glass of iced coffee, and with a sight of tall trees and mountains.

Waking up and greeting a day in Sagada just made it happen.

Sagada is a dreamy, not-so-luxurious town located 8 hours away from Manila. We followed a long and winding highway, with views of beautiful pine forests and mountain slopes of terraces. The ride was a bit uncomfortable given that these were pro drivers plying the zig-zaggy road to the province. The cliffs were steep and tires screeched through the pavements. My advice: sleep it out.

The grandeur of Sagada's surroundings lets you meditate and think about simply everything. Talk about putting your head literally in the clouds, viewing lush pine forests with blue skies above, catching the Kiltepan sunrise at 5:30 a.m., hiking to see the gushing Bomod-ok waterfalls, and channeling your inner Lara Croft as you crawl through the rock formations in a cave connection (my favorite!). I seriously had an emotional meltdown. Sobrang ganda!

My stay in Sagada wasn’t that long but I left but my entire self at this town.
It's something I've expected and more. Hope I get to visit again soon!

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