September 5, 2015 Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan


If you’ve been wanting to explore Japanese temples, Geisha, and nature, Kyoto is the ideal place for you.

A whole day in this place is not enough time to absorb all the city has to offer. Although it’s possible to squeeze everything in (especially if you’re fit and willing to take taxi cabs), it sure is going to be a long, rushed, and tiring day.

We only had two things in our itinerary for our quick visit. One is the most-visited Fushimi Inari Taisha–a shrine with a sequence of bright orange torii assembled on an enchanted forested hillside, and Sanjusangen-do–a temple with a 120-meter hall that contains 1,001 statues of Buddhist gods.

For lunch, we stopped by a restaurant with low traditional tables and cushions on a tatami floor. I had tonkatsu and donburi rice bowl, served with cream stew and a glass of iced soda.

Kyoto is among the most timeless places you can ever visit. You can discover the city on your own terms and easily piece an itinerary together with all its amazing sights. In case you have plans of visiting, I suggest you walk around and explore even into deserted temples or down seemingly forbidden streets. It's impossible for you to miss one. 

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