May 15, 2015 Quezon Province


What are 3-day weekends for?

With the feeling of summer passing by and you haven't had your fair share of a beach time yet, the 3-day labor weekend is your only hope left. 

Sure, there could be no better way to celebrate the first of May than to party all weekend in #LaBoracay, but I’d rather go somewhere unspoiled and chill that isn’t Boracay. We went to get out of the city for, as what they say, a dose of vitamin sea. And without having to cross Visayan seas, we chose Borawan in Quezon as our labor weekend destination. 

 It takes 4 to 6 hours of road trip from Manila and a 30-minute boat ride depending on the sea condition. With the view from afar, you’d already appreciate the beautiful panorama of Borawan’s sea and sky. With the Palawan-like rock formations, clear waters, and white sand, you’ll be wowed by how de-stressing the place is.

 The island doesn’t need resort facilities. We made arrangements with boat operators to return the following day since we wanted to stay overnight. We brought camper’s tents and sleeping gears to spend a night of stargazing–undisturbed and close to nature. 

 If you're not used to staying in an island, visiting Borawan could be a challenge. You’ll have to face the dilemma of hotel-goers who are quite used to turning the air conditioner up and burying their tired bodies in comforters. The island has limited comfort rooms so you’re expected to pee wherever the need arises. There’s no electricity and mobile reception is weak. The only option is to camp if you intend to stay overnight. You cook on a bonfire and swim in the sea to keep yourself cold and clean.

Borawan, although it turned murky and housed by a lot of jelly fishes, was absolutely stunning and so relaxing. I feel refreshed and although it seems like the 3-day weekend went by so quickly, it was what I needed just yet.


  1. Travel goal! I wanna experience island life too! :)



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