February 11, 2014



I woke up feeling giddy today. 

Not that something special happened, but the moment I opened my eyes this morning,
I felt fully re-charged to start a new day. 

I sensed something nice is about to find me and I thought it would be lovely to write a list of what's keeping me up lately.

  • Hot cocoa with marshmallow fix 
  • Thrift shops 
  • Grocery shopping
  • Sweet compliments 
  • Bed weather
  • White sheets
  • Cool fonts 
  • Smell of new books
  • Genuine hugs and kisses from family 
  • My brother's jokes
  • Meaningful songs 
  • Momentous conversations 
  • Expressed thoughts 
  • Comfort food 
  • My Dog 
  • New blog discoveries
  • Fulfillment of a contractual promise
  • Lots and lots of coffee! 
  • Smell of fresh laundry 
  • Pajamas (all day? eek)
  • Singing in the car with J 
  • Lazy Sundays 
  • The after-workout feeling 
  • Frozen grapes and Fuji apples
  • Old photographs and conversations 
  • Holding hands awww
  • Going for a skate outdoors at 2:00am 
  • Being warm and sheltered on a rainy evening 
  • Unsolicited cuddles 
  • Planning vacations 
  • and ... pay day woot!
 Thanks to Camie Juan for giving me this idea!

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