January 2, 2014


It’s that time of the year again. I’m sure countless of people have spent a lot of time making heaps of 2014 resolutions. Starting today, we welcome our new self and think about the things that we'd like to be different. Pretty sure you've already set your minds to lose weight, lessen alcohol intakes, quit smoking, get enough rest, save up more– sure, the list goes on.

I came across this article on thoughtcatalog.com the other day that said new year’s resolutions are inherently terrible. It made me think that for how many years, a lot of my NY resolutions were just turned into empty promises. I only get stuck being that same asshole as I was in the previous year.

Fortunately, maturity knocks as you age. I'm so glad I've accepted the fact that NY resolutions are a pain. And that's okay... If you feel something is really worth doing, you don't have to wait for NY to make it happen. The right time is always NOW.

And with 2014 ringing in, I'm lowering the pressure by creating a list of what I learned and embraced fully from the previous year. Some pointed out by others and some I became aware of myself.

  1. Making money is hard, but saving it once you have it is even harder
  2. Embrace a bit of insecurity
  3. Don’t let your age stop you from doing anything
  4. Take advantage of every opportunity
  5. Writing is an amazing outlet
  6. Embrace social media
  7. Health matters a lot
  8. Sleep makes everything better
  9. People do get wiser as they age, but not necessarily more mature
  10. For whatever reason, there are matters of the heart that you just cannot control

Do you feel me?

I hope 2014 brings with it another year of wonders, hope, and happiness! 

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