May 12, 2017 Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales


Eager to plunge in the water, we drove north and visited Capones and Camara islands in Zambales for our post-anniversary celebration.
The two islands are close to each other and is only about a 15-minute boat ride from the shores of Pundaquit.

 Capones, although it’s my first time blogging about it, is not entirely new to me. I’ve been there several times and still, it leaves me wanting for more.
Maybe it’s about how undisturbed and chill the place is? Not to mention how you’d be in awe with its turquoise waters and off-white pebbles!
Regardless of the season, you can still find a comfortable spot for yourself – a spot where you can grill, sit still, and listen to the sound of the waves.

 Under the sun, we sat by our mini grill, had lunch, while we snacked on a mix of Cheetos and beer.
We took several dips, rested, and laughed with crazy stories and mixtapes until dusk.
This was the life, I thought.

 We headed to Camara Island for another round of this experience on our second day.
It was my first time in the island and I went home impressed.
There were less tourists, which meant a peace of mind :P

 I am always in search of solace when I travel. Or even a likeness of it.
I'd always go wherever it's less crowded.



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