December 26, 2015 Malacca, Malaysia


Old towns with contrasting colors, people hustling through long shopping streets and restaurants, travellers watching over the calm and scenic riverfront, sizzling street food, rickshaw drivers roaming around with their flower-covered pedicabs, and oriental decorations and signboards hanging around. This is a quick day trip to Malacca.

We didn’t have anything planned for our third day. I woke up late and insisted to go to Malacca for a short visit. I’ve seen the place via Google search but I didn’t look it up so well, not until that very day we were supposed to go. We have no itinerary, no little notes on the must-sees. Thankfully, we were able to buy a Malacca street map–with a walking guide for short tours–at only 5MYR.

Malacca is a city remarkable for rich history and culture gained from the colonization of Portuguese, Dutch, and British. You’ll find it evident when you stroll the quaint little streets, colonial houses, and old churches. For about half an hour, we were alighted to see the small city center with all the red-painted buildings. Every spot was definitely picture-worthy! It’s fascinating everywhere you look; there’s really something of historical masterpiece.

Believe it or not, we were only in Malacca for 1 short hour. We were on full-on tourist mode taking heed to the ever-reliable and ultimate tour guide that is the Malacca street map. Though I suggest you don't do the same thing, I'm still glad we were able to squeeze everything just as when we needed to.

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