December 23, 2015 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia


Away from the city for a day, we took ourselves up to the windy Genting Highlands for a tour. We drove two hours away from downtown Kuala Lumpur and rose 5,700ft. (approximately?) above Titinwangsa Mountains. By the time we arrived, we were welcomed by a landscape of trees and plants which looked quite the opposite of city sky-high buildings and huge malls. It was a bit rainy and foggy on that day, but the view as you climb the mountains was still beautiful.

You’d have to ride the Langkawi SkyCab that will take you all the way up and down the hilltop. The eye-catching First World Hotel (with 6,118 rooms and the third largest hotel in the world, I think) awaits for you at the top of the hill. Too bad we didn’t check the entire place because of the construction works going on around the area. We’ve only seen dining offers, shopping spots, casinos, the indoor theme park, and the skyway ride that never seemed to end. Also, the first ever theme park of Twentieth Century Fox is currently in the works and it sounds like a good excuse to visit again next time!

Aside from the complex of hotels, casinos, and theme parks, we’ve also spent a couple of hours at Chin Swee Cave Temple. It’ll only take you a 10-minute bus ride to visit the most scenic, although foggy, part of Genting. Chin Swee Cave is a Buddhist temple with many statues of Buddha’s disciples. There’s quite a lot to see in this place including the Ten Chambers of Hell and the excellent view of the surrounding area.

Our last stop was Astana Negara or The King’s Palace! This isn’t really a part of Genting but a stopover along the way. The supreme head of Malaysia resides in this place so nobody’s allowed to enter. You can only go as far as where the main gate is, with guards in their British-inspired outfits are riding their horses. There’s nothing much here but only to take pictures of the palace’s stunning view.

Next up, our Malacca adventure! Stay tuned. :)

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