For the lovely couples out there, isn't it amazing to plan your first international trip together? Think about it––you’ll be going away and seeing places you’ve always thought about going together. While traveling solo can be rewarding, a trip with someone special creates a blissfully sweet remembrance. That’s why when I knew I’d be going to Kuala Lumpur last September, I tagged Jerrell along.

Sure, traveling could ramp up the pressure and tell you what you must know about the other person, but I don’t believe it could make or break the relationship. You could see it as a mini-test to see how you’d have to deal with when you’re together 24/7, but failing doesn’t mean you must break up. Going on a trip as a couple is not without its own challenges. Most of the time, it’s only about giving and taking.

From my own 7++ years on the road with Jerrell, it was only September this year when we flew out for our first international trip together. It wasn’t as long as you may think, but I knew there’s pretty much to learn about him.

1. It’s fun being miserable together.
You’ll miss the bus. You’ll run to catch the monorail’s last trip at 12:00 midnight. You’ll get lost in some parts of the city trying to get help from everyone whom you can’t speak the language. You’ll both end up being tired, hungry, and irritated, and all of a sudden you both complain about the stupidest things. All of these become so annoying at the time but nothing beats creating a better team exercise. At the end of it all, you’ll know you have to solve those problems together. You’ll calm down, talk thoroughly, and find better ways to deal with all the frustrations.

2. Two heads are always better one.
Traveling lets you shoulder the burnings of planning, making decisions, and the day to day stuff, but having someone around to share the consequences makes everything easier. It’s awfully nice not to have to deal with the unpleasant aspect of being alone if you know you could pass on the job to someone else. Someone who’s willing to check the railway map and timetable without throwing up, someone who you’ll feel safer with even if things go crazy, and someone who’ll constantly remind you of your money responsibility. Even more when it’s about sharing wonderful experiences, stunning views, and funny stories. There’s a lot of awesome stuff and getting to do them with a person so dear to you is a whole lot more.

3. It’s interesting to rediscover each other, all over again.
It’s nothing new that traveling will push us out of our comfort zones. It makes aspects of our personalities to surface–most of it we’re not familiar with. I’ve been in a long term relationship with Jerrell but I know traveling will always open new grounds to growth and re-discovery. I’ve seen how he reacts to my choices and preferences, frustration, and sudden change of plans, how supportive he is when I’m carrying too much heavy things during a long walk, and how grumpy he gets when I make it hard for him to wake me up and get me out of bed early in the morning. There will always be a point when we will have to fight for our differences but it’s apparent how much he’s willing to make things work and make our trip worth everything. That, I appreciate the most.

Watch out for the snapshots of our Kuala Lumpur trip!
They're coming up next!


  1. Cant wait to see how sweet you and Jerrell are on your Malaysia trip!



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