January 19, 2015 Batangas, Philippines


One of the best things about living in Manila is that it’s a wonderfully easy place to escape from. A short drive in just about any direction, and you’re already worlds away. 

This past weekend, while the rest of us were stuck in Cebu for Sinulog, I didn’t pass up a chance to hop on a short Batangas trip and leave all my all-too-familiar surroundings behind. 
 We drove going south, passed by a Bulalo place in Tagaytay for dinner, and went up and down the forest-y entry path to one of our friends’ farm. We spent the night there, and for a person like me who doesn’t go for the most glamorous things when traveling, places like this seem so beautiful and satisfying — the farm animals, clean air, and the growing greens. 
I hope you enjoy the photos. 
We had hundreds during the entire trip and everything posted here's just few of my favorites.
 Stay tuned for the next installment of my travel series this year! I hope I get better at this as I make more travel entries.

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  1. I've always fantasied a road trip with my friends. Still saving up though LOL

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