February 11, 2014



I woke up feeling happy today. 

Not that something special had happened, but the moment I opened my eyes this morning,
I felt a little wonderful and fully re-charged to start a new day. 

Because of this, I sensed something nice is about to find me.
Thought it would be good to write a list of what's keeping me up lately.

  • Hot cocoa with marshmallow fix 
  • Thrift shops 
  • Grocery shopping
  • Sweet compliments 
  • Bed weather
  • White sheets
  • Cool fonts 
  • Smell of new books
  • Genuine hugs and kisses from family 
  • My brother's jokes
  • Meaningful songs 
  • Momentous conversations 
  • Expressed thoughts 
  • Comfort food 
  • My Dog 
  • New blog discoveries
  • Fulfillment of a contractual promise
  • Lots and lots of coffee! 
  • Smell of fresh laundry 
  • Pajamas (all day? eek)
  • Singing in the car with J 
  • Lazy Sundays 
  • The after-workout feeling 
  • Frozen grapes and Fuji apples
  • Old photographs and conversations 
  • Holding hands awww
  • Going for a skate outdoors at 2:00am 
  • Being warm and sheltered on a rainy evening 
  • Unsolicited cuddles 
  • Planning vacations 
  • and ... pay day woot!
I encourage you to create your own, too!
Think of at least one thing that makes you happy. 
You can't surely stop once you start.

 Thanks to Camie Juan for giving me an idea!

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